IoT Solutions for Hospitals

IOT Solutions for Hospitals


Aditi S. Patade – Hetvi P. Gandhi – Nidhi Sharma
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, D. Y. Patil University, Navi Mumbai, India

Hospitals are challenging workplace with different levels of safety and hazards. This paper gives a brief idea about solutions designed to solve the problems faced in hospitals with the help of IOT. The main objective of this SMART hospital is patient safety and to regulate the excessive power consumption. Some of the problems identified by us are listed here and a possible solution for them is provided. Problems challenging patient safety are hospital fires and also a rare but fatal condition known as vascular air embolism. And that of optimal power consumption is excessive and neglected use of electricity. Integrating sensors with IOT to monitor environmental conditions can prove boon to the hospital industry as it not only enhances patient experience but also improves the staff flow decreasing the time-consuming activities.



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