Regenerative Elevator Drive & Energy Saving Benefits

There are at least two proposals for changes to the International Energy Conservation Code regarding elevator regenerative power.

International Energy Conservation Code | Electrical Power

In evaluating a position on these proposals, it is helpful to review current research related to safety and sustainability costs and benefits.   Listed below is a partial bibliography:


Actual measurement on regenerative elevator drive and energy saving benefits

Kuang-Yow Lian | Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan


Abstract: The present study focuses on the effect on power consumption and analysis of the amount of regenerative power that could be generated after the regenerative drives of elevators have been installed. The elevator regenerative drives transform gravitational potential energy into electrical energy by utilizing elevators’ operation characteristics and weight difference between carriage and counterweights. The regenerative power is then fed back into electrical grid of a building and afford other electrical equipment to achieve energy saving. This paper investigates the operating principle of elevators, describe the mechanism of regenerating power, distinguish the terminologies of the power saving rate and the regenerative energy ratio, and finally use a power analyzer to monitor the experimental data of an elevator before and after installing a regenerative power drive.


Analysis of Energy during Regenerative modes

Anand Raghavendra Rao | PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India
Matada Mahesh | Faculty of Electrical Engineering, PES University, Bangalore, India
B K Keshavan | Faculty of Electrical Engineering, PES University, Bangalore, India


Abstract: Permanent Magnet Motor drives are extensively used in technology, posing many benefits, few exceptional are torque control as well as greater adoptability. Architecture, design and salient features of modern state-of-the-art by Permanent Magnet Motors have seen very high integration with Non-Regenerative (NR), Regenerative (RD) with direct frequency changers or Matrix Converter drives. Regenerative drives provide comfort ride quality through the inherent capability and always near unity power factor. They are able to increase DC bus voltage and use the same motor and inverter for 400V and 4S0V applications that are available as the utility power. Industrial drives design application with specifics of elevator duties is studied for the energy saving and analysis. Improvement of energy system reliability and system energy efficiency has become a great research interest. Towards this direction and taking into account the major breakthrough developments in vertical transportation technology over the latest years, the use of energy recovery is studied in industrial applications. In this paper, the regenerative energy of a permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) controlled by a drive will be analyzed under real time applications and the small portion of kinetic energy that can be recovered would be covered and estimated. The main focus of this study is to understand and foresee the energy savings that can be achieved with the use of such an energy recovery feature under normal application as well as dynamic situations. The analysis presented has been validated experimentally and the results are discussed.




Abstract: Bio-mimicry is the field of study that compares nature and implementing a process to duplicate in manmade systems. This paper envisages the concept and points that how this can be morphed in to building systems to create a more sustainable built environment. With elevators accounting for up to 15% of the high rise building sector’s use of energy, green innovations can offer large reductions in carbon footprint. The energy required for daily operation of elevators in a high rise building has the biggest impact on energy footprint of our built environment. Therefore energy efficiency shall be an important feature for high rise elevators. The last few years have witnessed a change of course with companies introducing energy efficient technologies for competitive reasons and, at the same time, to help their customers save energy and money. Today, electricity is becoming an increasingly precious commodity and it is therefore essential that most of this energy can be recycled back. An expanding variety of traction elevators is tapping the advantages of regenerative power technology, a practice to recover the power generated by elevators and supplying back to the power source.


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