Enhancing Reliability of Power Systems through IIoT


Enhancing Reliability of Power Systems through IIoT

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Abstract.  This article presents an idea of achieving reliability through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for industrial power systems. It proposes hybrid approach for predictive and corrective maintenance. It discusses the self-corrective maintenance (SCM) paradigm as hybrid approach for industrial power systems along with condition-based maintenance approach utilizing IIoT to achieve it. As it is well known that industries pay huge penalty for the down time, and suffer to meet reliability demands for years. Study witnesses its cost in millions of dollars yearly for production disruptions. It can be prevented by proactively following the aggressive maintenance schedule. However, it often becomes expensive as part or service may not be utilized for its full life and failure may occur even in middle of maintenance cycle.  On the other hand, condition-based maintenance (CBM) helps utilize the full life and prevents the downtime by
predicting the failures ahead. This article reviews current maintenance practices followed by industry leaders and a proposal on self-corrective maintenance based on condition of restorable resources. It is about learning the condition of subsystems by itself and taking corrective action when subsystem is not active. This concept helps reduce manual intervention to correct the problem as well as the maintenance cost. This research also covers the self uncorrectable issues to be handled by proactively following CBM process through IIoT. This hybrid proposal could be a significant gear shift in maintenance direction for general industry as well as power systems. It can be termed as industry’s 5th revolution or Industry 5.0.




III. CASE STUDY(IES) | Lincoln Electric, Schneider Electric, ABB, MOTOMAN, FANUC, IBM, Duke Energy



Conclusion.  In this article, we presented various case studies how manufacturers follow maintenance practices and widely used solutions by industry leaders in various domains. It also discusses industry-wide third-party solutions available in the market. However, many available solutions involve manual assistance to perform the maintenance operations after error condition detection. Manual maintenance incurs significant maintenance cost. Future direction is presented for reducing manual maintenance to reduce cost even further. With given infrastructure, maintenance can be
automated to a certain degree to reduce maintenance cost and it is the future. This paradigm is termed as “Self-Corrective Maintenance”. SCM is a 4th dimension of intelligent maintenance. Hence, reliability of power systems can be enhanced manifold utilizing hybrid self corrective maintenance process (Hybrid-SCM). Hybrid-SCM can be part of 5th industrial revolution i.e. Industry

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