Smart Campus Teaching Platform Based on 5G Network

Research on Key Technologies of Smart Campus Teaching Platform Based on 5G Network

With the development of mobile Internet technology and the popularity of intelligent mobile terminals, the data traffic load of mobile client users on the smart campus network platform has surged. How to reduce the data traffic of the smart campus network platform is an urgent problem to be solved. First, this paper discussed the key technologies of smart campus network teaching platform under the background of the 5G network, expounded the critical technologies of the transport layer of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and analyzed from the development perspective of the IoT platform. Second, by investigating the online classroom data of five types of colleges and universities in China and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of online classroom teaching and traditional classroom teaching, it is found that the number of online courses in colleges and universities has exploded in the second half of 2017. Next, this paper analyzed the demand of smart campus online teaching platform under the background of the 5G network, thus established an online teaching platform based on the four initiatives operation model (government-led, college sponsor, teacher subject, and academic director). Finally, this paper adopted the improved VIRE localization algorithm to obtain the specific location information of the student users in the classroom and, then, compared with the error obtained by the VIRE algorithm, and the error of the improved VIRE algorithm is smaller. In the process of obtaining information, the 5G network technology is used for data transmission, which can shorten the check-in time and can improve the positioning accuracy.

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