University of California Berkeley & Lawrence National Lab Power System Teleconference

Enlightening discussions on the resistance grounded power systems at UC-B and LNL.   Thanks to our colleagues Jim Murphy & Jerry Jimenez!


Perspective: The education facilities industry spends far too much on compliance enterprises (such as NFPA 70E conformity for flash hazard leading safety practice) and not enough on reducing the flash hazard itself. ¬† Several projects, begun at the University of Michigan, in collaboration with IEEE and NFPA, are now in process to reduce flash hazard dramatically — by rightsizing building premises power systems and by expanding understanding of resistance grounding systems such as the system at the University of California. If the US education facilities industry is serious about increasing safety, it should allocate funding for continued research into reducing flash hazard. ¬†Fortunately, several universities have stepped forward to provide this funding as described in this link:

— Michael A. Anthony, P.E.






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