Technology and Security - the ICCST.

Conference Topics

The ICCST solicits abstracts and technical papers in many topics.  Here is the official list.  These topic numbers are referenced in the annual Call for Papers.


  1.   Sensor and detection technology, including sensor webs and signal fusion
  2.   Advanced video systems, automatic monitoring, automatic threat recognition
  3.   Alarm monitoring, command and control systems, including human factors
  4.   Threat identification and modeling
  5.   Information security, encryption, privacy
  6.   Cyber security and malware protection
  7.   Wireless communications security including spectrum use and encryption
  8.   Biometrics including voice, hand, finger, face and other characteristics
  9.   Access control and identity management
  10.   Barrier technology and modeling
  11.   Inspection and forensics technologies
  12.   Less-than-lethal weapons technology
  13.   Counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  14.   Airport and transportation security
  15.   Emergency operations and management
  16.   Local, state and national interoperability
  17.   Network-centric systems, deployment, operations and life-cycle management
  18.   System engineering and modeling
  19.   Operator training and performance
  20.   User experiences of operating security systems including testing
  21.   Vulnerability analysis and modeling
  22.   Impact of security technology on society
  23.   Security education

When submitting your abstract for consideration in the next conference, please include the topic number(s).