Technology and Security - the ICCST.

2003 Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

The 37th International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology

October 14-16, 2003
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Located in north Taiwan, Taipei is the political, economic, financial, and cultural center of Republic of China. It has thriving arts and academic scene and countless modern commercial buildings. With its vibrant cultural and economic growth, it has become a modern international metropolis. Taipei is nestled in a basin with mountains on all sides and covers an area of 27,177 hectares. Two beautiful peaks rise up steeply in the northeast: Mt. Tatun and Mt. Chihsing; both are gentle volcanic formations in shape, contrasting with Taiwan’s other harsh, jagged peaks. By virtue of this unusual topography, the area was made into Yangmingshan National Park. You can also visit the Tourism Bureau to find the beauty of Taiwan.

The primary venue for the 2003 ICCST is the Grand Hotel, itself justified as the utopia in a urban city, a representative of Chinese classic architecture and a genuine touch of Chinese culture. The Grand Hotel is situated on halfway of Grand Mountain in District Shilin looking down on Taipei basin, surrounded by natural landscape and mirrored by by the river river to give surprising tranquility in highly dynamic downtown.
The 2003 Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Chao-Han Liu, Conference President
  • Larry Sanson, IEEE ICCST BOD, Conference Vice President
  • So-Lin Yen, Conference Co-Chairman
  • Hsia-Ling Chiang, Conference Co-Chairman