Students Activities Committee

IEEE Computer Society Students Activities Committee is a team that works close with each and every Student activity in computer society chapters. It’s vision is to enrich the activities and interest of students in Computer Related Fields along with the Volunteering Spirit in IEEE.

Action Plan:

  • To start up a webinar series in trending topics in Computer Science
  • To create a Video Library of IEEE Spectrum talks and recent trends in Computer Science.
  • To help and assist student branches in forming a student branch chapter.
  • To have an initiative in Humanitarian projects were Computer Society can play its role.  ( With IEEE SIGHT )
  • To assist Developers via providing guidance and professional assistance.
  • A National Level Treasure Hunting Game including the technical loops in computer related field.
  • To conduct a MiniXtreme ( Coding event) in National Level.
  • To conduct a National Level Student Conference. ( After discussing with Conference Committee )
  •  To create a showcase for Free Computer Related Tutorials.
  • To assist Women In Computing Committee for activities in Student level.
  • To bring up healthy discussions and new initiative via Facebook groups.
  • Start new initiatives that can benefit students.