How to form a new Student Branch Chapter?

A Student Branch Chapter is a technical sub-unit of an IEEE Student Branch. Information is also available on establishing an IEEE student branch chapter of technical societies. The documents provided give the detailed information regarding formation of IEEE Student Branch chapters.

Student Branch Chapter Petition Form (PDF) : Click Here

Student Branch Chapter Petition Form (DOC) : Click Here

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Email Aliases (

The email aliases are the free benefits for the members of Computer Society. This exclusive benefit identifies you as an IEEE Computer Society member with an “” email address while forwarding all incoming mail to your real Internet account. All incoming attachments are automatically scanned for viruses with the latest antivirus software.

Click Here to register for Email Aliases. (only for CS Members)

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Digital Library

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) provides online access to 27 society magazines and transactions and more than 4,100 conference publications. All professional members get online access to Computer magazine FREE as a benefit of membership. Members have many options for access to other digital library content. All Computer Society student members get access to the CSDL FREE as a benefit of student membership.

The Online Digital Library of the IEEE Computer Society can be accessed Here.