70th Anniversary Student Challenge

The IEEE Computer Society Anniversary Challenge is an international challenge open to all IEEE Computer Society student members across the globe. Students are invited to create a solution, based on the IEEE Computer Society 2022 report, that will solve a real-world issue in a smart, fresh way. Your Challenge Submit your solution to a real-world… Read more

PrePrint: Smart Cities in China

Smart Cities, change the traditional production mode and lifestyle, enrich people’s material and cultural life, and promote economic and social progress. This paper introduces the research from Digital Cities to Smart Cities, discusses major projects of Smart Cities in China, analyzes their theoretical basis, key technology and framework, reflects on existing problems, draws lessons, and… Read more

PrePrint: Providing Medical-Grade QoS for Real-Time M-Health Telemetry with Cellular Technology

We evaluate the the use of cellular communications mobile wireless healthcare by examining the implementation of an example wireless electrocardiogram application in a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network. We endeavor to quantify “medical-grade” real-time quality of service in terms of data integrity and delay, and show how this might be achieved by designing a CDMA2000 protocol stack… Read more

PrePrint: The Future of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems

Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical-Systems (HiLCPS) is a challenging and very promising class of applications with immense potential of impacting daily lives of many people. HiLCPS systems measure cognitive activity through body and brain sensors, infer the intent through analysis on an embedded system, they then translate the intent into robot control signals influencing the physical environment by… Read more

PrePrint: Cloud-Based Information Integration & Informatics Framework for Healthcare Applications

We propose an Information Integration and Informatics (III) framework for healthcare applications that leverages the parallel computing capability of a computing cloud based on a large-scale distributed batch processing infrastructure that is built of commodity hardware. Healthcare information integration and informatics presents a potential for building advanced healthcare applications given the massive scale of data… Read more

PrePrint: IntellBatt: The Smart Battery

This article introduces IntellBatt; a novel design of a multi-cell battery. IntellBatt exploits the cell characteristics to enhance battery lifetime, to ensure safe operation and to deliver better performance. Experiments were performed using Li ion cells and a portable DVD player. Simulation of the obtained current trace with IntellBatt have shown an enhancement of battery… Read more

PrePrint: The Chills and Thrills of Whole Genome Sequencing

In recent years, whole genome sequencing (WGS) evolved from a futuristic-sounding research project to an increasingly affordable technology for determining complete genome sequences of complex organisms, including humans. This prompts a wide range of revolutionary applications, as WGS is a promising means for improving modern healthcare and providing a better understanding of the human genome,… Read more

PrePrint: Electronic Personal Health Records and the Question of Privacy

Personal health records (PHRs), centralized places for consumers to electronically store, manage, and share their personal health information, offer new opportunities to help consumers manage their own health and health care. However, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of health information contained within PHRs is challenging. This paper analyzes the major properties of existing PHR systems… Read more

PrePrint: Application Transparency: How and Why are Providers Manipulating Our Information?

In contrast to network neutrality, application transparency has so far received little scientific or media attention. Consequently, little is being done to ensure that Internet users understand how the information they receive may have been manipulated, let alone ensuring that they know whether they really are being given the information they asked for. We initiate… Read more