Industry Outreach Committee

The industry outreach committee is credited to have created several subcommittees involving other local industry professionals and chaired by the respective industry committee members from the various cities. These subcommittees organize industry seminars and workshops to promote and engage pro-active collaborations between industries, governmental agencies and local educational institutions. The specific focus areas for these subcommittees have tuned to have a regionally appropriate flair with adequate local economic/volunteer-specific interest areas. The committee also welcomes further suggestions from its ardent readers for its improvement.

Govt. /Academia Committee

The Govt. /Academia committee will promote exchanges among researchers from academia, industry and government. The purpose is to identify the technologies and technical approaches to advance and mature the field of Computers. Exchanges include workshops, special sessions in conferences and publications to promote discussion on technical and applicative problems.

Website Committee

The purpose of the IEEE CS INDIA website is to enhance communication, by providing open access to timely, accurate and useful information about IEEE CS INDIA Activities, via  website. The website provides access to public forms and documents, including agendas, minutes, and reports; news; and meeting schedules. Information about non-profit organization and community events may also be included, provided they are for the benefit of members of IEEE Computer Society.

Student Activity Committee

IEEE Computer Society Students Activities Committee is a team that works close with each and every Student activity in computer society chapters. It’s  vision is to enrich the activities and interest of students in Computer Related Fields along with the Volunteering Spirit in IEEE.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter committee made  a mark by releasing its first e-newsletter on 1st June 2012.It focuses on a journey which would encourage many readers to come up with their articles which can be a quiz, technical advisory, technical research etc. along with its aim to bring forth the best articles to the readers.It also looks forward to the feedback issued by its readers so that they can continue to improve and learn from it.

Membership & Sustainability Committee

Membership & Sustainability committee focuses on member benefits and sustaining the members by providing platform for its members and clustering all the members to conduct leading edge programmes and act as an interface between the other societies and Industries for development. Also by promoting all the IEEE Computer Societies initiatives and to indulge more student activities.

Conference & Workshop Committee

This committee aims to not only support and sponsor conferences, workshops, technical sessions, publications, professional meetings,but to also encourage participation in setting some absolute standards.This committee intends to play a major role in recommending and determining the events that will be technically sponsored/co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Chapter India Council.The Committee will help the members to organize a conference or workshop, become involved with publications, develop and run programs  which support student activities, create an online tutorial, or simply communicate with colleagues at conferences or through electronic dialogue. The committee prime focus is to regularly monitor and contribute in identifying emerging technologies and provide forums for their exploration.

Women in Computing Committee (WIC)

Women in Computing committee believes that fundamental applications of Engineering were started at home by the woman and its a woman who is blessed with qualities such as patience, analysis based on psychology, management, etc.  which are required by an engineer.  Education among Women is on the increase in our country. Hence our goal as members of Women In Computing Committee
(WIC) is to promote awareness among women with technical qualification about Information Technology. This committee aims to equip women in general to learn new technology through effortless use of internet, ICT and motivated to participate in forums conducted by various reputed organizations as WIC, CSI, and IEEE.

Advisory Committee

The IEEE CS INDIA Council advisory board is a body that advises the management of the organization.It represents a means of communication between the Board members and program participants, and provides a means for input from the members of IEEE CS. The primary functions of the Council are to recommend policies/procedures pertaining to facility utilization and eligibility; program content, operation, and direction; and to advise the proper functioning of the society.