Past Conferences

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Prior year locations
2023 Spokane, WA
2022 Charleston, WV
2021 Niagara Falls, ON
2020 Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic
2019 Jacksonville, FL
2018 Appleton, WI
2017 Tacoma, WA
2016 Austin. TX
2015 Milwaukee, WI
2014 Atlanta, GA
2013 Charlotte, NC
2012 Portland, OR
2011 Nashville, TN
2010 San Antonio, TX
2009 Birmingham, AL
2008 Seattle, WA
2007 Williamsburg, VA
2006 Appleton, WI
2005 Jacksonville, FL
2004 Victoria, BC
2003 Charleston, SC
2002 Toronto, ON
2001 Portland, OR
2000 Atlanta, GA
1999 Seattle, WA
1998 Portland, ME
1997 Cincinnati, OH
1996 Birmingham, AL