The Industrial Drives Committee is a committee of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

The scope of the Industrial Drives Committee (IDC) is the treatment of all matters within the scope of the IAS in which the dominant factors relate to the suitability and application of electric motor drive systems equipment to industrial machines and processes.  In addition to conventional motor drives, the scope includes other applications for the conversion of energy from electrical to mechanical or visa versa.

The objective of IDC is “To advance the theory, standards and practice of industrial drives as related to the design, operation and installation of equipment within the scope of the Industrial Drives Committee.” As a means of achieving its objective, IDC selects subjects and encourages the development of formal papers, panel groups, tutorials, etc. to be presented at the conferences and meetings sponsored by the Committee.

The Committee works actively in developing and promoting standards within its scope.