On behalf of the Conference Sponsors and the Local Committee we would like to extend a sincere invitation to attend the 2023 Industrial and Commercial Power System Technical Conference (I&CPS 2023), May 21 – 25, 2023.  This will be a hybrid conference, similar to the 2022 I&CPS Technical Conference and IAS Annual Meeting.

This is the 59th annual IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (I&CPS) Technical Conference. The Conference reflects the activities of the I&CPS Department of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) of the IEEE.  Over its 59 year history, the conference has been the forum bringing together IAS’ experienced engineers and our younger engineers. Many aspects of Industrial & Commercial Power Systems are presented and discussed in relevant papers sponsored by one of the four I&CPS Department Committees participating in this conference (Rural Committee has a separate technical conference). The Technical Committees participating in this conference are:

  • Codes and Standards
  • Energy Systems
  • Power System Engineering
  • Power System Protection

A centerpiece and key activity of this conference is the development and updating of one of the most comprehensive series of IEEE Standards on Recommended Practices for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (formerly known as the 13 Color Books). Standards Series 3000 working groups have assigned panels, presentations and comments discussion sessions in this conference aimed completing the review and publication efforts of the set which articulates many of best practices for designers and maintainers of industrial and commercial power systems.

We have formed an exceptional organizing committee consisting both of experienced IEEE volunteers and younger members from our very active student branch. We expect the 2023 conference to be successful and will feature a great program for everyone who wishes to join us. Please spread the word, tell your boss, and your colleagues about the 2023 I&CPS Technical Conference, May 21-25.

Please look for a registration link coming early next year for the conference and the hotel. We plan to host this event as a hybrid event.

Hotel and Venue

Embassy Suites Las Vegas (4315 University Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89119)

Call for Papers

Official Call for Papers can be downloaded here:


Submission and Contact Information

Prospective authors should prepare a complete manuscript of the final paper draft, with title and names, affiliations, addresses, and email of all co-authors. Submit electronic copy of Final draft by January 26, 2023 online at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/icps2023. Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their paper by February 9, 2023.

Final papers for Conference record must be submitted to IEEE’s ScholarOne Electronic paper system by March 20, 2023. The identified corresponding author will receive instructions on how to submit the paper upon acceptance of the document. One of the authors of each paper must have full registration and present the paper in person at the Conference.


Hotel Registration

The link for hotel registration will be posted soon.

Conference Registration

The link for conference registration will be posted soon.


FULL REGISTRATION Before April 21, 2023 After April 21, 2023
IEEE Member (in-person/virtual) $595 / $895 $675 / $975
Non-Member (in-person/virtual) $695 / $995 $795 / 1,095
IEEE Life Member (in-person/virtual) $375 / $675 $450 / $750
Student Member (in-person/virtual) $375 / $675 $450 / $750
IEEE Member (in-person/virtual) $530 / $830 $600 / $900
Non-Member (in-person/virtual) $630 / $930 $750 / $1,050


At least one author from each paper must register and pay the appropriate non-refundable registration fee for the conference prior to April 18th, 2023. This registration fee only entitles you to download the conference record and participate in the technical sessions.  Each paid author is limited to three presentations.

Any submissions that are not accompanied by an author registration will be treated as a no-show, not be posted to IEEE Xplore post conference and will be withdrawn from peer review for publication consideration. However, it will be an IEEE copyrighted paper and thus cannot be submitted to any other conference or publication.

All other attendees:

All other attendees may register for the conference and pay the appropriate non-refundable registration fee anytime up to and during the conference.

Schedule at a Glance

January 26, 2023: Deadline for final draft submissions for presentation consideration

February 9, 2023: Authors will be notified of acceptance for conference presentation

March 20, 2023: Deadline for submission of final papers for the conference record

Technical Program

Please check in for updates as the conference gets closer.  The tentative program schedule is:

Sunday, May 21 Monday, May 22 Tuesday, May 23 Wednesday, May 24 Thursday, May 25
Welcome Reception Committee Meetings, Standards Working Groups, and Technical Sessions Committee Meetings, Standards Working Groups, and Technical Sessions Committee Meetings, Standards Working Groups, and Technical Sessions Tutorials and Technical Sessions


Resources for Authors

Dear Authors,

Thank you for presenting your paper(s) in the 2023 I&CPS Technical Conference. Here are some information for you to prepare your presentations:

1. Please pass this information to the presenter of your paper(s).
2. No commercialization policy. You can only have the information (logo or name) of your affiliation at the title page of your presentation.
3. In case you have used equipment in your experiment, please block the logo of the manufacturer and describe the function of the product only.
4. Please reserve 5 min for Q&A.
5. Please attend “Author Breakfast” at the day of your presentation (The day of your paper presentation only).
a) Go to the table that has been reserved for your session (Should see a sign);
b) Bring your presentation in a USB drive;
c) Load your presentation to session chair’s computer;
d) Open the file and scan through it to make sure there is no issue.
6. If possible, please include author/presenter’s short bio at the first page (Before the title page) of your presentation. If you are unable to edit the file and add the information, please provide a hard copy of presenter’s short bio to the session chair at the author breakfast.

Thank you again and wish you enjoy the conference.