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Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Scope: The Electrical Safety Committee is responsible for all matters within the scope of the IAS in which the emphasis or dominant factor specifically relates to occupational hazards of electrical energy. Topics include, but are not limited to: hazard phenomena, inherently safer design, work practices, hazard mitigation and electrical safety management.

Objectives: to advance the state of the art in methods and technologies that contribute toward prevention of occupational electrical incidents and injuries; and to promote and support electrical safety activities in IAS committees, technical activities and IAS chapter activities.

Primary Conferences
• IAS Electrical Safety Workshop
• ESW Brasil

Primary publications:
• IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
• IEEE Industry Applications Magazine

Committee Leadership:
• Danny Liggett, Chair
• David Pace, Vice Chair
• Stephen Wilson, Secretary
• Lanny Floyd, Past Chair

Committee Governance
• Bylaws
• Operating Procedures