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Energy or diplomacy

The forth lecture of the Kálmán Kandó semester organized by the Student Association of Energy was held by Dr. Zsuzsa Béres, energy diplomat. The gist of the lecture was about the department diplomat status and the operation of the permanent representation; the roles and responsibilities of an energy diplomat; success’ and fails in the law creation of the EU; and the necessity of the aftergrowth.

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IAS Information Desk Volunteer in PECI


As part of planning to organize a Student-Led Conference at the University of Manitoba the group’s Chair Ms. Radwa Abdalaal was invited to attend and volunteer in the annual Student-Led Conference in Illinois to gain experience.  The Manitoba Power and Energy Conference was proposed by Dr. Peter Magyar, the IAS Director of Chapter Development and the past Chair of Chapters and Membership Department. Radwa attended the IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI) 2019 that was held in Champaign, Illinois, as an IAS information desk volunteer. The information desk was set up for distributing IAS printed material and providing information regarding the society. The IAS desk received a lot of attention, and the attendees received a one-year free promotion code to join IAS.
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Technical Visit To Palo Santo Brewing Co.

On June 13, 2019, a technical visit took place at the Craft Beer Factory Palo Santo, located in the city of Asuncion. 

Palo Santo is a well-known brewery that opened its doors in 2017, and also has a bar where they sell their line of craft beer “Nitsuga”. The name is inspired by the national singer-songwriter Agustín Pío Barrios, also known as Nitsuga Mangore.

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IEEE Student Branch DAIICT in collaboration with IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter and Women in Engineering Affinity Group organized a Diwali meet on 14th November 2019 wherein the hardworking ExCom members of IEEE Student Branch and its chapters and special interest groups were felicitated and honored for their precious time and effort in order to make the tenure of 2019 a successful one. All the IEEE Student members we invited to attend the Diwali meet at Lecture Theatre-3, DAIICT. Continue reading   DIWALI MEET 2019

Step Up ’19

Step Up ’19 is the Officer Induction and Operational Summit of IEEE Student Branch of University of Moratuwa organized with the aim of inspiring young leaders of the Student Branch to reach greater heights this year. The event was held on 21st September 2019 with an enthusiastic audience comprising more than 40 participants, inclusive of Executive Committee, Chapter Officers, Board of Directors and Design, Editorial and Finance Committees members.  Continue reading Step Up ’19

Tachyon ’19- All India Industry Applications Society Students Conclave

IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter organized Tachyon ’19- All India Industry Applications Society Students Conclave a 3-day mega event which witnessed an extraordinary conglomeration of a majority of in-vogue topics of a faster, newer world like 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

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The new elements of the future electric system

On October 4, 2018, the IEEE BUTE Jt. IAS/PES SBC organized the third lecture of the 125 year Jubilee Memorial Semester of the Department of Electric Power Engineering of the BUTE. The presenter of the lecture was László Pintér, the head of the Innovation Department of E-ON Hungary.

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