IEEE IAS ESW Myron Zucker Students


Recipients of: IEEE IAS ESW Myron Zucker Prevention Through Design

Student Education Engineering Initiative


IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop, ESW 2014

  1. Payman Dehghanian, Texas A & M University, Texas, USA: “Circuit Breakers and the Impact of their Maintenance on Electric Safety” 
  2. Brandon Eidson, Auburn University, Alabama, USA: “Improved Arc-Flash Risk Assessment due to Equivalent Power System Impedance Estimation using Voltage and Current Measurements” 
  3.  Gábor Göcsei, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: “Electric and magnetic fields during live-line maintenance 
  4.  Sunday Owolabi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China : “Protection Coordination Studies for the10MW Wind Farm in Nigeria Using Time- Current hybrid with Dynamic Analysis of the “Sequence of Operation” “ 
  5.  Luigi Parise, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy: “Fire Ignition Hazard In Cords And Extension Cords” 
  6.  Shiuan-Hau Rau, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA: “Electrical Safety Course for Arc Flash” 
  7. Nicholas Scarbello, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA: “Field Expedient System Safety Engineering in a Combat Zone” 

Submitted by

Anna HL Floyd, PhD

ESW Student Program Coordinator

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