IAS Chapter Awards and Contests 2013

petermagyar-216x300Dear Colleagues,

The Chapters and Membership Development (CMD) Department is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 CMD awards  and contests. For details, please find the attachment. The Outstanding Chapter Chair, the Outstanding Chapter Officer and the Outstanding Chapter Area Chair Awards will be announced at the IAS Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL USA, will held Oct 6-10, 2013. The awards and prizes will be presented at the President´s Banquet of the Annual Meeting.


It is my great honor  to express my sincere congratulations to all contest participants and especially to the winners.


I am pleased to express my appreciation to following colleagues who have conducted or contributed at the evaluation of the CMD awards and contests:

–          Ms. Renukrishna B, CMD Outstanding Chapter Award Committee Chair

–          Ms. Johanna Stella Castellanos Arias, CMD Chapter Web Contest Committee Chair

–          Members of the Graduate Student Thesis Contest 2013 Evaluation Committee

o   Mr. Oscar Javier Rodriguez Riveros, Graduate Student Thesis Contest Committee Chair, Secretary

o   Dr. Jin-Woo Ahn, Professor, IAS Executive Board Member-at-large, President´s appointed committee member

o   Dr. Branislav Dobrucky, Professor, Czechoslovakia Section IAS/IES Chapter Vice Chair, CMD chair´s appointed committee member

o   Dr. Osama A. Mohammed, Professor, Miami Section IAS Chapter Chair, CMD chair´s appointed committee member

o   Dr. Tamás Ruzsányi, IAS Executive Board, Member-at-large, CMD chair´s appointed committee member

o   Dr. Tomy Sebastian, IAS Vice President, CMD chair´s appointed committee member

o   Mr. Andres Mauricio Lopez Canon, IAS Graduate Student Thesis Contest, 1st Prize Recipient 2012


Currently, there are 52 student branch  chapters and 136 society chapters, total 188 IAS chapters but in the first half-year of 2012, we had only 25 student branch and 135 society chapters, total 150 IAS chapters. Maybe this significant student branch chapter development is the reason of the student chapters´ dominance at the contests. The majority of the nominations for the Outstanding Chapter and the Web Contest Awards came from student branch chapters.


All contests will be continued. I am pleased to launch all CMD chapter and student contests for 2014.


Best regards




Dr.-Ing. Magyar, Peter

Fellow IEEE

IEEE IAS Chapters and Membership Development Department Chair



CEO, M&PP Consult – Control and Drives

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