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IAS Comrades – Phase 2

IAS Comrades is a novel initiative by IEEE IAS SBC of University of Moratuwa, hand-in-hand with IEEE IAS Sri Lanka Chapter that encompasses many objectives including building fellowship between Sri Lankan IAS Student Branch Chapters, membership development, creating awareness on IAS Competitions for undergraduates and encouraging Student Branches in Sri Lanka without IAS Chapters to initiate an IAS Chapter.  Continue reading IAS Comrades – Phase 2

PCB Design Workshop

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is something that Electronic and Electrical Engineering undergraduates constantly deal with in their undergraduate careers. Whether it is a design project or even an exhibition, PCBs always come in handy. Nevertheless, it is necessary that the design of a PCB is done in the most efficient manner in order to come up with the most compact design without compensating its error-free operation.  Continue reading PCB Design Workshop

Stream Up – Phase 2

The IAS Videography Team was founded this year to address the necessity of making the guest lectures and workshops organized by IEEE IAS SBC of University of Moratuwa available online for the benefit of a wider audience going beyond the sessions’ limited number of attendees due to limited space. The project Stream Up was organized in order to train the videography team in the various aspects involved in videography. Continue reading Stream Up – Phase 2

IAS Comrades – Phase 1

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Hellen Keller-

There is nothing in the world that surpasses the power of teamwork and friendship. Bearing that in mind, the IEEE IAS SBC of the University of Moratuwa, in collaboration with IEEE IAS Sri Lanka Chapter, initiated IAS Comrades, to build up comradery in the IAS fraternity in Sri Lanka. Continue reading IAS Comrades – Phase 1


Technology is rapidly evolving day by day. Hence, the children, the leaders of tomorrow, must be equipped with knowledge and skills on these technologies for them to make their own contribution to the world. For this, the background of the children, whether they are from a village or a town, whether rich or poor, must not stand as a barrier.

Continue reading IEEE-for-the-Countryside-ගම්මැද්දට-IEEE-අපි-Phase-1

Guest Lecture on Transformers and Transformer Protection

12th December 2019 offered an immensely valuable opportunity for the engineering undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa to explore deep into a device that revolutionized the power system, under the guidance of an exceptional individual in the power industry in Sri Lanka.

Continue reading Guest Lecture on Transformers and Transformer Protection

Guest Lecture on Industrial Aspects of Lightning Protection Systems

As the popular saying goes, Safe is better than Sorry. In other words, one must take precautionary action to avoid a disaster, rather than worrying after it takes place.

Lightning is one such natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented. Hence, lightning protection is of immense importance in every single industry and facility since it ensures the protection of irreplaceable human life, valuable property as well as the environment around them.  Continue reading Guest Lecture on Industrial Aspects of Lightning Protection Systems