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Basic Soldering Workshop

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019. A basic PCB soldering workshop was conducted by IAS volunteers, led by the group’s secretary Mr. Hafis Umar-Lawal. It held in the ECE Capstone Lab (E1-465) and was attended by 15 University of Manitoba students from 6 PM to 9 PM. Hafis delivered a short lecture on Basic Soldering concepts such as moisture ingression, oxidation, thermal cycling, and safety, as well as soldering/inspection procedures, for standard through-hole and surface mount devices. Pizza and pop were served to attendees, and a hands-on practice session was facilitated after the break. Continue reading Basic Soldering Workshop

PCB Design Workshop By Dr. King Man Siu


The University of Manitoba IEEE IAS SBC was pleased to announce its “Introduction to PCB Design Workshop”. The workshop gave basic knowledge and introduced basic skills for those who are interested to learn the basics of the Printed Circuit board (PCB) design. In this workshop, we outlined the basics of PCB design, including an introduction to Eagle PCB design software (open source), develop schematics, routing PCB and design rules. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ken Siu who has 10 years’ experience in PCB design.

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Technology is rapidly evolving day by day. Hence, the children, the leaders of tomorrow, must be equipped with knowledge and skills on these technologies for them to make their own contribution to the world. For this, the background of the children, whether they are from a village or a town, whether rich or poor, must not stand as a barrier.

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Conference of SEL relays and his operation

Organized by: The students from the IEEE SBIAS Chapter of Universidad de Los Andes. SEL Laboratories and the IEEE SBIAS Chapter associate for realizing a conference in the classmate of “Fault analysis and protection systems”.

Date: September 4 of 2019.

The number of participants: The number of students that participate in the class of “Failure analysis and protection systems” that was Eighteen and nine members of the IEEE SBIAS Chapter of Universidad de Los Andes Continue reading Conference of SEL relays and his operation