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Occupational safety and health & First Aids Course

The Course on Occupational safety and health & First Aids have taken place on Saturdays between October 12th and November 16th, at the UNA Extension building. It was held by the Committee of Courses from the Industrial Application Society – UNA Student Branch.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training
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During the 19th of October, the TEDxDUTh took place in Astir Hotel, in Alexandroupoli. The IEEE DUTh SB along with IEEE IAS DUTh SBC had a conference stand there in order to not only attract students from other departments of DUTh as an action of the membership development but also inform other people in general about the events of IEEE IAS DUTh SBC. During this event, the students had the chance to learn about the IEEE SB, IEEE IAS SBC DUTh and the other chapters. 

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During the IEEE week from 14 October, 2019 up to 18 October 2019 the Electrical and Computer Engineering students of DUTh were able to visit the IEEE SB and IEEE IAS DUTh SBC stand in order to get informed about the new activities of the SB and the SBC. A representative of IAS SBC was also there to inform them about the projects of the chapter, to help them with their registration at IEEE and IEEE IAS and answer every question they might have about IEEE and IEEE IAS globally and locally. Continue reading IEEE WEEK


This IEEE SB DUTh, that took place on the 14th of October at the amphitheater A2 of the Electrical and Computer Engineering DUTh department, the activity gave the opportunity to the IEEE IAS DUTh SBC to be presented to students of all the semesters. During this presentation from the SBC’s chairperson, Michail Pitsikalis, the students got informed about what IEEE IAS is and the SBC’s current projects and activities such as the Diploma magazine, the Electron project (a kit that can convert a gas-fueled car to an electrical car), the Humanitarian project, Tesla Coil Team, Practical Engineering Team, and IAS Seminars Team. Continue reading IEEE DAY

Guest Lecture on Transformers and Transformer Protection

12th December 2019 offered an immensely valuable opportunity for the engineering undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa to explore deep into a device that revolutionized the power system, under the guidance of an exceptional individual in the power industry in Sri Lanka.

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