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Frequently Asked Questions about your submissions

Q: First of all, I would like to know which format should the submitting file have.  Are .pdf files suitable or would you prefer a different format?

A: All that is needed is a brief description and pictures of the event. You may submit a .doc file having description and images or just a zip file of images (less than 1 MB) and description in the space available. A write up in a readable news format is highly appreciated. The language of news should be strictly in English. A .pdf file is not encouraged. Please don’t submit posters which are not in English.

Q: Moreover, should each event be in a different file? Could I submit all of our events at the same file?

A: It would be preferable if different submissions for different events are made. It is good to highlight each of your events differently. Each submission will go as a post on the website if it is appropriate.

Q: What should be done if my event report along with the images exceeds the limit of submission via this portal?

A: You can always submit the report in such cases directly to or insert a drive link in the description of the activity.

Few suggestions:

1) Concept of the event should be communicated
2) Highlight the achievements of the event.

Please go through the newsletter website to see already submitted news. I wish you good luck for the contest “The Most happening chapter“.

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