Women’s Day special Weekly Talk in association with WIE-TEC

Focus : To understand and learn more about the challenges and opportunities for women in technology, experience sharing, platform for discussion.

Description : In association with WIE-TEC,an SBC level initiative program by IEEE IA/IE/PELS Jt Chapter Kerala, IEEE IAS SBC RIT has conducted a Women’s Day special technical talk on 7th March 2020 at 12.00PM.

 The event had enlightening talks by a panel of five inspiring women members who have made their way through the various aspects of technology seizing opportunities and embracing womanhood.

The first talk was by Ameera Sherin,WIE Coordinator, IEEE LINK Kerala Section.She shared her ideas on the challenges that women in STEM field face and the solutions for those issues.She also added about the importance of keeping the spark for your passion and staying enthusiastic.

Kallu Sudarsan, IEEE IAS WIE ILS Travel Grant recipient, talked about her experience of attending the WIE International Leadership Summit. She is currently setting up a start up and she shared her journey through it and how the IEEE community is helping her through it.

The next speaker was Shibiliya Ismail,Woman In Computing, IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter.She talked about her experience as a WIE Affinity Group Chair and about her present volunteering position as WIE Coordinator at IEEE CS society Kerala Chapter.

Adheena V Abraham, Content Writer, IEEE IA/IE/PELS Jt Chapter Kerala shared her journey through IEEE.She talked about how IEEE gave her the platform to learn and grow in technical education as well as develop soft skills. Moreover, about how being an active volunteer would increase your self-esteem and managerial skills and is the right way to give back to the community which has provided huge opportunities.

The final speaker for the day was Anu George,V SAC IEEE Kochi HUB.An esteemed educator in technical field,she shared her wisdom on five steps for a woman to be successful in her career.She stressed on the importance of having self confidence, integrity and dignity in carrying out responsibilities, ability to turn setbacks into stepping stones, finding a support system and developing a never give up attitude for a woman in technology.

Outcome : The talk session was a huge success with 50 inspired participants who gave positive and encouraging feedback.