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The visit was organized by the professor and postdoctoral assistant of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes, David Celeita, with the collaboration of other graduates of Universidad de Los Andes, Juan Camilo Mecón and the engineer Wilson Castañeda. The experience was enriched with the participation of other graduates and members of the IEEE SBIAS Chapter.

Date: February 28 of 2020

The number of participants: The number of assistants at the visit were 14 students of the Power Systems Workshop course and 11 members of the Industry Applications Society (IAS) student chapter, belonging to the IEEE branch of Universidad de Los Andes, who had the opportunity to participate in a visit to the medium and high voltage cell factory of Siemens, one of the largest plants in Latin America.

Students who attended the visit had access to the entire cell production line, where they had the opportunity to receive specific explanations from the project team and senior engineers in high voltage solutions design. This activity made students familiar with the different aspects of power system design, Switchgear, protection, and control, under an entirely professional environment. At the end of the two-hour tour of the plant, it was possible to know the manufacture of E-houses, an innovative, cost-efficient and modular concept for the customization of mobile substations, especially in the Oil & Gas sector.

The day culminated with the socialization of different questions by students with the team of Siemens engineers and graduates, who are currently in charge of various high-impact projects in the region.

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