Relationship of the PV BOOM and the network

On the 14th of February, 2019, the IEEE BUTE Jt IAS/PES SBC organized the first lecture of the Kálmán Kandó memorial semester. During the event, the participants could hear from Zoltán Hajdú-Benkő, Head of the Network Innovation Department of the National Public Utilities, about the impact of PV systems on the network and the plans for dealing with these effects.

He explained that in the near future the majority of consumers will also become a producer, solar power generation will be widely used, therefore the most important task will be maintaining a high quality of supply. Within a few years it is predicted, that the rate of consumption will increase rapidly, so they will have to adapt, but the current development of the network is only limited to this. At the system level, the process can still be handled, but further improvements will be required locally.

Distribution system operators, often DSOs, divide potential solutions into two groups. The first group is conventional options such as multiplication of sources, cross-sectional growth or new lines. In contrast, innovative opportunities are much more interesting. Examples include:

  • Use of automatic regulating KFF / KIF transformers;
  • Installing line voltage regulators;
  • Use of central energy storage;
  • Use of local energy storage systems fitted to the PV system.

At the end of the presentation the lecturer emphasized, that their goal is to create an economically, technically stable and easy-to-implement system that fits into the vision of the regulator, DSOs and customers.