A Journey on Frequency Response Analysis for Power Transformer Fault Detection- Offline to Online

Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) is now universally accepted technique to detect Power Transformer winding radial and axial movement, core deformation and other types of faults.

Traditional techniques of high voltage electrical equipment fault detection are not suitable for mechanical type fault monitoring and detection in transformers. FRA’s are recognised in successfully diagnose HV/LV winding movement, buckling, clamping pressure integrity, core movement types of faults. In Australia, the speaker pioneered the FRA technique while working as Pacific Power funded Research Academic at The University of Newcastle 1995-1997. Since then he has continued researching on FRA from mainly offline technique to now online technique while working at Curtin University, Perth, Australia from 1997-2018 collaborating with Chongqing University, Xian Jiatong University, Queensland University of Technology, BC Hydro in Canada and Western Power. In this talk, the speaker presented a summary account of technology evolution on FRA from offline to online Worldwide.