Kaizen 7, an international IEEE Symposium was held on 13th – 16th February 2020 at College of engineering, Munnar in association with IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala.  Kaizen 7 is a culmination of technology, innovation, culture and humanity.

Boosting a plethora of speakers, workshops, technical events and other cultural events, Kaizen 7 strike a chord inside everyone standing testimony to it. The start of Kaizen 7 fell on 13th February 2020. Kaizen 7 being a much-awaited event an immense flow of participants. the event started by a drone session at botanical garden followed by an exciting session of robotic dance. After the session, students gathered for dinner. After dinner girls and boys moved to their respective accommodations.

The second day of event started with a colourful session of “nature art” which came up with flying colours. This session was followed by an inaugural ceremony.

After the inauguration, keynote address was given by Dr. Saji Gopinath. He tought “necessity is the mother of invention”. He added that a person achieves greatness when the qualities of a true leader combines with those of a true engineer. He shared the secrets of being one in a million and leaving footprints on sands of time. His words of wisdom based on true events nourished souls to seek the meaning of true engineering. Following him, Agrim Prakash ignited the minds of the crowd by his powerful words It was proceeded with an icebreaking session. Then Lt. Esan addressed the mass by his inspiring and powerful words. He shared his life experience which triggered the wish of serving nation. His inspiring session was followed by Fathima Hakim, a lady dared to be different from rest in the universe. She inspired minds to be different; as being different give birth to rarest creation the world will cherish forever. She also added that “passion give birth to external creations “which dwell in hearts for miles before they sleep. She conducted by pinning the words. “Being different is rare and rare is different from the rarest “. The day ended up with cultural programmes lead by delegates and college band which added to the glam of Kaizen 7.

The third day Kaizen 7 concentrated purely on technical skill enhancements of delegates.

Various workshops were conducted in this domain. Managerial, VLSI, drone, invisibility clock workshops have been done. VLSI workshop helped students to born their knowledge as it the main pillar of most of present research, industrial and commercial activities in electronics engineering. It helped students to gain an added competitive edge towards becoming a high performing VLSI professional managerial workshop helped to develop the aura that surrounds one at the personality development sessions and groom oneself for positive change. Drone workshop equipped delegates to control quad-copter wirelessly by using a remote switch which works on wireless technology that are used in mone broad applications like surveillance and aural photography. Invisibility clock workshop horned the knowledge of potential uses of clock ranging from surveillance and military impetus to serving pilots to watch through the floor of cockpit to runway below. Workshops were followed by sessions done by Bharath Govind and Mithun Lal. The day set with cultural night and campfire.