Minutes of the meeting of PESGRE2020 Conference Committee




  1. Muhammed Kasim S
  2. Biju K
  3. M.V. Rajesh
  4. C.M. Varughese 
  5. Shahim Baker
  6. Sudharshan Kaarthik
  7. Jaison Mathew
  8. Binoj Kumar A C
  9. Boby Philip



  1. Review and Progress of the conference
  2. Revised budget, payment of GST
  3. Sponsorship, industry session
  4. Clearance from Ministries and Visa
  5. IAS/PELS YPP, SPAA, travel grants
  6. Conference Kit, Mementos, Conference merchandise, Certificates,  Badges,  etc
  7. Conference Schedule, Preparation of book of Abstracts, Conference proceedings
  8. Inauguration/Welcome reception
  9. Hospitality for delegates and speakers, Accommodation and transportation
  10. Event management
  11. Other Relevant Matters


The meeting started with welcome address by the IA/IE/PELS Kerala chapter chair,Prof. Muhammed Kasim. The minutes of the previous meeting was read out by the conference general chair, Dr. Jaison Mathew and the minutes was approved by the committee. The following decisions were taken. 

  1. PESGRE2020  has 292 paper registrations and  265 attendee  registrations after the early bird deadline (15 Nov 2019).  The total revenue so far is Rs. 29.5 Lakhs (excluding GST). It is expected that the paper registrations would be crossing 300 numbers soon. There are representations from 15 countries (including India).
  2. The finance chair Mr. Biju K reported that internet banking is difficult with the present type of account. Therefore, it has been decided to operate bank account based on cheque. It is decided to follow up with the bank to get cheque book as soon as possible.  Also, GST payments need to be done through Kerala section. Mr. Biju has been entrusted with these activities.
  3. The finance chair presented a tentative budget of the conference (attached).  It was felt that sponsorships will decide the financial health of the conference and serious attempts need to be made to attract sponsorships. So far only two sponsorships have been materialized (CDAC- Rs. 1 Lakh and Opel RT- 0.5 Lakh).  Therefore, it was decided to start a sponsorship campaign as soon as possible with a target amount of Rs. 15 Lakhs.  It has been decided to approach major firms in India for sponsorships.  Er. C M Varughese and Dr. Boby Philip will lead the sponsorship activities from Cochin and Trivandrum respectively. 
  4. The visa invitation letters need to be issued as soon as possible. PESGRE2020 has received  “no objection” letter from ministry of home affairs. However, “Political clearance” letter from ministry of external affairs (MEA) is still pending.  Proper follow up may be needed to get clearance from MEA. 
  5. There will IAS/PELS YPP event and SPAA event on the sidelines of the conference organized by IAS/IES/PELS Kerala chapter for the benefit of young members. Mr. Biju K reported that there is shortage of fund for the joint YPP program. The committee sanctioned up to Rs. 20000 for expenses in connection with  the joint YPP program of IAS and PELS society.  
  6. Suitable conference kit and mementos need to be identified. Likewise, action need to be taken for printing of badges, certificates etc. The committee recommended items like water bottle and pens instead of pen drive and plaques. The conference proceeding may be made available in ‘cloud servers’ rather than in USB pendrive to reduce cost.
  7. The conference schedule and matter for book of abstracts need to be prepared once the registrations are over.  The presenter details need to be collected also. Dr. Jaison Mathew, and Prof. Divya N A have been entrusted with these activities.
  8. It has been decided to request Prof. Wang Peng to do the inauguration on 3rd Jan 2020 FN followed by his inaugural keynote.  Publicity to the conference may be given through printed media by arranging a press conference. 
  9. The committee discussed about hospitality for delegates and speakers, accommodation and transportation. Since the hospitality to delegates will be a major factor in deciding the future of PESGRE, special care needs to be taken regarding hospitality of delegates. The hospitality committee has been urged to take necessary steps. 
  10. It has been decided to get quotations from different event management firms to arrange audio/projectors/backdrops etc. Further negotiations may be needed to reduce the rates. 
  11. Since “iTec India conference” (Dec 17-19, 2019 at Bangalore) is a major IEEE conference organized by SAE India, ARAI,  and IAS society where a large number of Industries would be participating, the committee appointed the General Chair and Finance Chair to attend  iTec India conference to explore the possibility of getting more sponsorships and delegate registrations for PESGRE2020. The committee sanctioned an amount of Rs 25000/- in connection with the expenses including registration, travel and accommodation.
  12. Prof. Muhammed Kasim informed that free promotional code for IES membership for the year 2020 is available. Since the volunteers and organizing committee members need to be either IAS, PELS or IES members, the free promotion code will be useful for volunteers and organizing committee members.  The promotion code will be announced through proper channels soon. The committee suggested that the number of volunteers used should be a minimum.  Also, low cost accommodation facilities for the volunteers need to be identified soon.