Robothon pre workshop

IEEE SB CEK Robotics and Automation Society take a keen interest in enriching students with robotics skills. Along with that IAS is bound to inculcate and nurture every aspect of technical development in the students.

RAS and IAS always concentrate on updating students with the latest technologies. So as a part of introducing robotics to the first years who are going start their engineering journey, a workshop was conducted on the informative familiarisation of robotics on 20 and 21 February 2019 at Network lab, Resource person Akshay Krishnan. The workshop was taken by our student who is technically very well skilled. It was very useful and productive for the students. By this students were motivated by the thought that they also can make robots which can be used in our daily life. The workshop includes audio connections, setting wifi module and Bluetooth module, connecting sensors and some basic connections. The students were trained in such a manner that they could be able to make robots from scratch. Rather than the way of talk waste sections the workshop includes more practical sections so that everyone can experience the feel. The students were very much satisfied with the workshop that they were eagerly asking to conduct such workshops. It could convey the need for robotics in the coming generation and its applications. Even though it was a two-day workshop its impact was unmeasurable and the contribution in association with IAS was undoubtedly the need of the hour.

Outcome: By this workshop, the students were encouraged and they could participate well in the national IEEE event Robothon 5.0 at the college of engineering chengannur.