Python workshop

IEEE SB CEK in association with computer society and Industrial Application Society always takes a keen interest in enriching students with programming skills. As a part of it a workshop on ” introduction to python” for the first-year students on 19,20 and 21 September 2019 at programming lab, Resource person Akshay Krishnan and Arun Sreenivas. The workshop was taken by technically skilled students from our own SB. It was a 3-day workshop that includes a general introduction to programming and it’s basics, different data types, basic arithmetic operations and differentiating between Linux and Windows.

It was a trailer for their programming exploration. Around 40 students attended the Workshop. It mainly focused on moulding base of programming in the students , without a strong base a good programming carrier can’t be built in it. The workshop was for all branches of students as programming plays an important role in the field of engineering. Students were trained in such a manner that they can now do basics programs by their own . Even though it was a 3-day workshop its impact was unmeasurable as many of the students were using a programming language for the first. Now students are well aware of the two operating systems (Windows and Linux).  The fervour driving the students towards more of such learning encouraged the IAS to conduct further enriching workshops.

Feedback from the students was very enlightening and encouraging for the IEEE coordinators to conduct such programs in the future.