IAS Information Desk Volunteer in PECI


As part of planning to organize a Student-Led Conference at the University of Manitoba the group’s Chair Ms. Radwa Abdalaal was invited to attend and volunteer in the annual Student-Led Conference in Illinois to gain experience.  The Manitoba Power and Energy Conference was proposed by Dr. Peter Magyar, the IAS Director of Chapter Development and the past Chair of Chapters and Membership Department. Radwa attended the IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI) 2019 that was held in Champaign, Illinois, as an IAS information desk volunteer. The information desk was set up for distributing IAS printed material and providing information regarding the society. The IAS desk received a lot of attention, and the attendees received a one-year free promotion code to join IAS.

PECI 2019 was organized by the IEEE PES/PELS/IAS Joint Student Chapter at the University of Illinois. The conference was very successful and well attended with a total of 166 attendees. The program included 9 Technical sessions: 31 papers, 3 invited talks, 2 tutorials, 4 keynote talks, a panel discussion and one poster session: 19 posters. The organizers also arranged a visit to the Abbott Power Plant, which supplies 70-75% of the energy demand for the University Campus. The IAS President Dr. Georges Zissis handed two certificates of appreciation to the conference co-directors, Mr. Adriano Abrantes and Mr. Siddhartha Nigam.