PCB Design Workshop By Dr. King Man Siu


The University of Manitoba IEEE IAS SBC was pleased to announce its “Introduction to PCB Design Workshop”. The workshop gave basic knowledge and introduced basic skills for those who are interested to learn the basics of the Printed Circuit board (PCB) design. In this workshop, we outlined the basics of PCB design, including an introduction to Eagle PCB design software (open source), develop schematics, routing PCB and design rules. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ken Siu who has 10 years’ experience in PCB design.

This workshop was on a very high demand that tickets were sold out after announcing it within two hours. We received many positive feedbacks from students asking to conduct more of these workshops. We are currently working on how to transfer this workshop into a course and merge it with the soldering workshop to deliver a complete set of related series of PCB design and soldering workshops targeting introduction and advanced levels. 24 participants attended this workshop.