Conference of SEL relays and his operation

Organized by: The students from the IEEE SBIAS Chapter of Universidad de Los Andes. SEL Laboratories and the IEEE SBIAS Chapter associate for realizing a conference in the classmate of “Fault analysis and protection systems”.

Date: September 4 of 2019.

The number of participants: The number of students that participate in the class of “Failure analysis and protection systems” that was Eighteen and nine members of the IEEE SBIAS Chapter of Universidad de Los Andes


The engineers Sergio Camargo and Milton Alcos of SEL company made a complement in the class “Fault analysis and protection systems”. They treated topics relatives with the history of SEL and operation of relays SEL (Detailed information about signal processing and algorithm ANSI function) and models of relays. In the last stage, they made a workshop with Syncrowave Software (Extract .cfg files of relays for reading and analysis in this software). On the other hand, they complemented with a solid demonstration for the arc detection in the SEL-751