Technical Visit To Palo Santo Brewing Co.

On June 13, 2019, a technical visit took place at the Craft Beer Factory Palo Santo, located in the city of Asuncion. 

Palo Santo is a well-known brewery that opened its doors in 2017, and also has a bar where they sell their line of craft beer “Nitsuga”. The name is inspired by the national singer-songwriter Agustín Pío Barrios, also known as Nitsuga Mangore.

The technical visit began punctually at 5:30 pm. It was in charge of the owner of the premises named Luis Sanchez, who presented the different malts that they use to make the beers, the different styles of beer, the way they work and the equipment they use for the beer production process.

We were able to observe and expand our knowledge about the processes of beer production and the equipment used in production.

The technical visit ended with a sampling of the beers produced by the brewery in their bar.