People as the center of Successful Organizations

On July 25, the talk “People as the center of successful organizations”, focused on corporate responsibility and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on the experience of the company Las Tacuaras. This talk was held in the Auditorium Hall of the Building “Prof. Ing. Enzo Debenardi” of the College of Engineering.

The speaker was Ms. Latifi Riad Chelala Orue and has the following biography:

  • Degree in Production Technology with a specialization in Production Systems Engineering, lead auditor of ISO9001.
  • Graduated from the National Business Management Development Program (DENDE)
  • Currently work as Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Manager of Las Tacuaras S.A.
  • University Professor of F.A.C.E.N. – UNA.
  • Executive Director of the Natán Foundation
  • Member of the Global Shapers.

The company Las Tacuaras, owns the NutriHuevos brand, which is the name given to its egg production sector, whose industrial plant is located in the city of Villeta and its distributor in the city of San Lorenzo, the scope of its products offered is mainly in supermarkets and food shopping centers in Paraguay. The Tacuaras is part of the System of B Companies and has the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Certification.

The company treats their employees as collaborators, with a goal of Zero Illiteracy by developing the “EducaRSE” program, offering classes for interested employees, investing in social projects, supporting the foundations and the local community, owns the microentrepreneurs program with which they offer their products at a lower cost for small sellers allowing higher income and its introduction to fair trade. The actions of the Tacuaras and the projects are in line with each of the Sustainable Development Goals and Goals of the 2030 Agenda, with the exception of SDG 14 underwater life.