IEEE Student Branch DAIICT General Meet

The IEEE SB DAIICT, its IAS Chapter, WIE Affinity Group, MTTS Chapter and its various SIGs like MISIG, SIG Mobile Apps, SIG Embedded, SIGHT conducted its first meeting of the tenure on 16th January 2020 at CEP 108 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM which was attended by the entire ExeComm of around 55 Members. This was the first meeting of the newly formed ExeComm which included the newly joined members of IEEE from the first-year undergraduate program.

As there were new members in the Student Branch, the newly selected core members started off with an introduction to IEEE by stating all the major works that IEEE does, how to contribute to IEEE and how to participate in all its events. They also talked about the major events that IEEE SB DAIICT conducts.

 After that, there was an ice-breaking activity wherein everyone introduced themselves so that it becomes easy to work as a team and everyone feels comfortable with others. So, everyone started their positions and talked about their goals and interests. Then, as many of them were unaware of the benefits of IEEE membership, the core members explained the importance and use of it. Then, there was a detailed discussion regarding the major events of the tenure and all the possible ideas were discussed. The meeting concluded with a small task assigned to everyone wherein they had to come up with three unique and in-vogue topics on which the 7-day long Summer School can be based.

 The general meeting of the IEEE SB DA-IICT was followed by a combined meeting of the newly formed ExeComm of IEEE IAS SBC and IEEE WIE Affinity Group. This was regarding the first intra-collab event. Here, the brief layout of the event was given by the core members and they were also open to suggestions. Tentative dates and schedules were decided and new ideas were discussed. The meeting concluded after discussing the new and improved sponsorship strategies which might as well prove to be more fruitful.