Technical Visit to Piribebuy Technological Center

On November 2, 2019, the IAS Biodigester Project Committee conducted a technical visit to Piribebuy Technological Center. The objective of this visit was to increase knowledge for the implementation of the biogas production project.

The Center for Training and Appropriate Technology is an institution that depends on the coordination of Engineering in Human Ecology, of the College of Agricultural Sciences. It carries out academic extension and research activities, as well as professional training and advice to small producers.   Its main objective is to develop sustainable production systems, efficiently using available resources by adopting appropriate technologies for each need.  

The visit guide was Eng. Daniel Pereira. Eng. Pereira talked about the developed technologies used to produce eco-friendly foods efficiently. They had biodigesters, fish ponds, and a farm, working in a coordinated manner. The wastes from the farm were used to feed the biodigester, which produced fertilizer for the pond and the farm. 

Hindu type biodigester

This visit showed us the crucial role biodigesters may play in farms. 

Biodigester Project Volunteers