Technical Visit to Nutrihuevos

On June 7, 2019, the IAS Biodigester Project Committee conducted a technical visit to Nutrihuevos.

The objectives of this visit were:

    • Get to know the biodigester that is installed in the plant.
    • Understand how it works and its application within the plant.
    • Learn about the materials used inside the biodigester.

The Nutrihuevos Industry is dedicated to the production and commercialization of fresh eggs of superior quality. It is located in Villeta and belongs to the company Las Tacuaras.

The plant has a biodigester installed where they use the food waste and poultry litter. 

The biogas is used to heat the water needed for the process of making fly bait, used for pest control. The biodigester is used in a capacity of one hour for 100 liters of water per day, the gas is distributed through a pipe regulated with a manometer.

The container in which it is placed is yellow to attract flies.