Technical Visit International Centre for Renewable Energy – CI BIOGAS

On June 7, 2019, the IAS Biodigester Project Committee conducted a technical visit to the CI BIOGAS International Center for Renewable Energy, dependent on Itaipu Binacional. The objectives of this visit were:

  • To increase knowledge about energy production systems from renewable sources.
  • Encourage students’ interest in energy production using biogas and biomethane
  • To present regional examples of biogas and biomethane production.
  • To expand training possibilities for students in the areas of renewable energy
  • To increase knowledge for the implementation of the biogas production project.

At the CI BIOGAS, we had the opportunity to see the Demonstration Unit of Biogas and Biomethane production used for the production of biomethane for fuel part of the entity’s vehicle fleet.

Biomethane Fuel Dispenser

We stopped at the Laboratory, where the analyses are carried out to determine the mixture of organic matter to start the production of biogas and biomethane, controlling and projecting the production based on the data obtained there.

The laboratory has internship opportunities and is open to technical visits.

Then we took a recreational tour at the Tati Yupi Park, which belongs to Itaipu Binacional, where we shared a pleasant time among the project’s volunteers. 

Biogas and Biomethane Production Control System – CI Biogas