Technical Lecture on Recharging Electric Vehicles Using Smart Power Meter

IEEE Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur organized a technical lecture on “Recharging Electric Vehicles using Smart Power meter” on 19th September 2019, Thursday.

The session was handled by Ms. Anne Benoy, who gave an elucidation on Electric vehicles and smart power meters. She illustrated the escalation of electric vehicles and foreseen marketing advancement in the near future. She emphasized on the multiple challenges posed by battery recharging and whence the installation of the smart power meter in commercial parking deciphers the conundrum.

The session commenced by 4:00 pm. The session was organized in an interactive and engaging manner. It helped the students to improve their idea on the topic and gave a better understanding of how smart power meter is required in the nearby future. Also, the session assisted in increasing the interest of the students on the topic as well.