Educational Activity on ‘How to Face University Exams’

IEEE Industry Applications Society Student Branch Chapter College of Engineering Chengannur conducted an educational activity on ‘How to face university exams’ for the first-year students on 22nd November 2019.

  Day   Attendance  Venue   Time  
Educational activity on ‘How to face university exams’



November 22, 2019 





IEEE Library


01:30 PM – 02:00 PM  

The session was handled by Ruben Mathew, Laya Mariam Joseph, and Aswin A Kumar. Ruben Mathew gave an introductory talk on how to successfully prepare for exams by highlighting some useful tips. Laya Mariam Joseph and Aswin A Kumar familiarised the students with some proven methods they tried while preparing for the exams. They stressed the importance of using diagrams or schematic representations in exams. Then, they gave tips to reduce exam anxiety, organize course notes, manage time, etc. They shared the experiences they had while preparing for exams, attending exams and also how they prepared successfully for university exams. Interesting feedbacks were received from the students at the end of the session.