Occupational safety and health & First Aids Course

The Course on Occupational safety and health & First Aids have taken place on Saturdays between October 12th and November 16th, at the UNA Extension building. It was held by the Committee of Courses from the Industrial Application Society – UNA Student Branch.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training

The instruction on occupational safety and health was given by Eng. Daisy Rufinelli, Master of Industrial Engineering, who is experienced as a Professor and consultant of the field. The modules encompassed the following

  1. Basics about occupational safety and health and an introduction about the elaboration of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  2. Analysis and Elaboration of the Risk Matrix.
  3. Laws and regulations related to Security and Health in local industries and the emergency brigade formation.

the course of OSH, with their certificates.

The course about first aids was held by Firefighters Luis Gomez y Romina Escobar, who is experienced in the application of first aid techniques. The capacitation made emphasis on theory and practice, besides explaining basic concepts, participants could train with hands-on exercises on real people. The covered topics were

  1. Basic concepts of first aids
  2. General principles for accident assistance
  3. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR and Heimlich maneuver
  4. Handling and transport of wounded
  5. Fire extinguisher handling

As an industrial chapter, IAS aims to train the volunteers on abilities that could be used in the industrial field. Taking into account that both courses had many participants and they were interested in the developed topics,  we consider the previously mentioned objective was successfully fulfilled.