Basic Intermediate Excel Course 

The Basic Intermediate Excel Course took place on Tuesdays and Thursdays between March 19th and March 28th, in the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Asuncion. It was held by the Committee of Courses from the Industrial Application Society – UNA Student Branch.

The objective of the course was to give essential tools to students and young engineers who wished to start using or improve the use of spreadsheets to increase their career efficiency or professional performance.

The theoretical and practical classes were given by Elvio Hermosilla, Industrial Engineer who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Asuncion, and Head of Planning of an important shipyard in Paraguay. 

The modules encompassed the following:

  1. Arithmetic functions.
  2. Logical functions.
  3. Search functions.
  4. Pivot tables.
  5. Basic macros.

Throughout the course, participants incorporated knowledge and skills about formulas and graphics, data tables and filters. They learned how to use logical functions, data validation, and condition formats, and how to create reports with pivot tables and graphs that are easily updated. They also learned how to use “Hypothesis Analysis” or “What-If Analysis” tools.

At the end of the course, they were able to create MACROS that allow them to automate their work and reduce to seconds those repetitive tasks, to be much more efficient.

Participants with their certificates.

The Basic Intermediate Excel Course turned out to be a very successful event with many enthusiastic participants and received excellent feedback as we came to the end of it.