During the 19th of October, the TEDxDUTh took place in Astir Hotel, in Alexandroupoli. The IEEE DUTh SB along with IEEE IAS DUTh SBC had a conference stand there in order to not only attract students from other departments of DUTh as an action of the membership development but also inform other people in general about the events of IEEE IAS DUTh SBC. During this event, the students had the chance to learn about the IEEE SB, IEEE IAS SBC DUTh and the other chapters. 

At the TEDx event venue, the participants were able to visit the stand and learn about the current projects and activities and how they can be a part of them from the SB’s vice-chairperson Nicki Gkonou and the SBC’s chairperson Michail Pitsikalis. Quoting Michail Pitsikalis about the whole TEDx experience: “What’s TEDx DUTH\h for me? The opportunity that one should seize in order to express themselves, show their work and to exchange interesting ideas with outstanding people from all around the globe”. Moreover, anyone, there could solve every question they might have about the IEEE and the IEEE’s chapters.