PES Week & PES Day Celebrations

Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru, organized IEEE-PES & IAS Week from 8th to 12th April 2019.  On the first day, a session was conducted on “Introduction to Robotics”. Mr. Rajesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru gave a talk on the basics of the robot and different types of sensors, manipulators, actuators, controller and software platform used. He also explained the necessity of Industrial Robots for flash production in industries.

On the second day, a session was conducted on “Excel in Arduino coding”. Mr. Nidhis, an intern from National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan and Mr. Manoj, student of Amrita School of Engineering, explained to the students the use of Arduino board & projects, and its applications along with programming & interface with different sensors.  Project exhibitions were planned for the next three days in different areas.

Talk on robots by Mr.Rajesh
Lessons on Arduino by Mr.Manoj

On the third day, project exhibition, “Blaze of Skills on OPAMS” was conducted.  The students employed various electronic devices such as LM741 IC, LM358 IC, AD620 IC, OR07, CMOS 4093 IC, MJE  34, TIP 3055, Arduino etc. in their projects. On the fourth day, a Project Exhibition on “Sensors” was organized. Students exhibited various Electronic projects like Automatic Wireless Water Level Sensor, Home Automation using Bluetooth, Brain Sensor, Automatic Wipers in Automobiles using Moisture Sensor, Arduino Based Coil Winding Temperature Detector and Alarm Generator, Solar Panel Tracking system using Stepper Motor, Auto AGE 8. Dr. K. Deepa, Advisor, IEEE PES & IAS Jt. SBC of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru judged the event and the first three prizes were bagged by the projects titled 1) Brain Sensor 2) Automatic Wipers in Automobiles using Moisture Sensor 3) Arduino Based Coil Winding Temperature Detector and Alarm Generator.  

Project Expo on Op-Amps and PIC Micro-controller

On the fifth day, Project Exhibition was based on the motive to make the students familiar with the real-time applications of a PIC Microcontroller and digital signal processing techniques to filter out the noises and modify the parameters of a signal. Students participated in teams of 3. Prizes were bagged by the projects Design a simple PIC-based calculator using Proteus which performs addition, subtraction, display the result in a seven-segment LED/LCD display, Image De-noising. This event is a yearly event conducted by the Student Branch Chapter. There has been notable increase in the response year after year.

Explaining about the pes day and events by PES Ambassador.

Participants in the social event student, faculty members.

The weeklong event was a part of the 2nd IEEE PES day celebration. On 22nd April 2019, IEEE PES day was celebrated with great zeal. The event started with an introduction to IEEE PES Chapter followed by fun games for faculty and IEEE student members. A total of 17 IEEE PES members, 5 IEEE PES professional members and 18 faculty of the EEE Department attended the event. The event turned out to be successful with many students knowing the importance of IEEE PES and its membership.