Energy Week 

Solving Crossword Puzzle by students.

Amrita School of Engineering (ASE), Bengaluru, organized “Energy WEEK” from 15th to 20th September 2019 in Amrita School of Engineering for stating the importance of energy in Engineering students. On the first day, ‘TECH BUSINESS’ a technical fun game on energy was organized. Students in teams of 3 participated in the event. The event was a business game on power plants in India. This event gave an insight into the technical details of all the power plants in India. On the second day “Crossword Puzzle” was organized Crossword questions were in the energy sector area.    

Session on Smart Water Monitoring System by Mrs. Puspha Mala

IEEE PES & IAS [PE31/1A34-SBC63931] and WIE Affinity Group of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru, organized a talk on ‘smart water monitoring system for sustainability’, as a part of the fourth day of energy week. This talk was given by Pushpa Mala S, Asst. Prof, Dept. of ECE, SOE-DSU, Bengaluru and EXECOM member-WIE, Bangalore section.   She gave an insight into smart water monitoring system for sustainability and the importance of sustainability in the emerging technology of electronics in this field. In the end, the speaker also mentioned the benefits of the IEEE site. The talk culminated with the membership drive conducted by IEEE PES executives. 

Talk on
Rural micro-grids innovation for the grassroots by Dr. Kumudhini

On the fifth day, PES and WIE, organized a talk on ‘Rural micro-grids innovation for the grassroots”, as a part of the fifth day of energy week. This talk was given by Dr. Kumudhini Ravindra, she is a corporate strategy consultant and trainer and IEEE –WIE EXECOM Bangalore section, member. She spoke about the Smart Grid and about how grid technology is essential to provide easy integration and reliable service to the consumers and its self-sufficiency in electricity network automation technology for monitoring, control, and analysis within the supply chain. 

This event is a yearly event conducted by the SBC. The response has been increasing yearly and is an eye-opener for the membership drive also.