Minutes of the meeting of PESGRE2020 Conference Committee

Date: Oct 19, 2019, at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Cochin, during TENCON2019

Time: 11AM-1PM



  1. Sameer S M
  2. K R Suresh Nair
  3. Bijuna Kunju K
  4. Mini ulnat 
  5. Jaison Mathew
  6. C M Varughese 
  7. Rijil Ramchand
  8. Shahim Baker
  9. Sunitha Beevi K
  10. Biju K
  11. Rajesh M V, MEC 
  12. Bijoy Jose, CUSAT
  13. R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, IIST
  14. Sivakumar K, IIT Hyderabad



  1. Review and Progress of PESGRE2020
  2. Sponsorship for PESGRE2020
  3. Paper Review Status
  4. Conference Registration, Tutorial, Payment gateway and Mobile app
  6. Conference Kit, Merchandise etc
  7. Book of Abstracts
  8. Selection of volunteers
  9. Event Management
  10. General Discussion


The meeting started with a welcome address by Mr.Biju K, Finance chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read out and approved with minor modifications. The following decisions were taken. 

  1. PESGRE2020 has so far received 475 papers. Each paper needs to have minimum of two reviews. All the papers were sent for review. We have already completed the review of papers by foreign authors (52 papers from 17 different countries including India) and the result was announced on the scheduled date itself (1 Oct 2019). We have selected 40 foreign papers after a rigorous review process and 12 papers got rejected.  We have opened the registration link also. Considering the additional requirement of halls, we have blocked additional halls at Le Meridien. 
  2. It has been decided to limit the number of papers by an author that can be registered with discount rate in one buyer ticket to four papers. From fifth paper onwards by an author, the same registration process should be repeated. 
  3. Since “Explara” event ticketing platform offered better international payment gateway charges compared to YepDesk (3% against 3.8%-5%), Explara has been selected for registration. The committee ratified the decision.  Mobile app for the conference can be decided later depending on the number of registrations. 
  4. It is decided to follow up with the bank to enable internet banking facility as soon as possible.  Mr. Biju K, the financial chair of PESGRE2020 has agreed to complete this soon.
  5. It was decided to start a sponsorship campaign soon. The target is Rs. 15 Lakhs. The committee appointed the sponsorship chairs Er. C M Varughese and Dr. Boby Philip for this. The sponsorship committee has been expanded by including Dr. Rajesh M V (Model Engg, college), Dr. Bijoy Jose and Er. Shahim Baker. It has been decided to approach major firms in Kerala in-person for sponsorships. Er. C M Varughese will lead the sponsorship activities in Cochin area. 
  6. It has been decided to follow up with the IAS and PELS societies for  YPP events 
  7. The conference Kit and event management including hall arrangements will be decided in the next meeting  after early bird registration deadline is over (Nov 10) 
  8. It has been decided to prepare book of abstracts similar to pedes2016’s book of abstract. The content will be prepared by the publication team. 
  9. It has been decided to update the website with tourism information. 
  10. Fifteen student volunteers who are IAS/IELS/PELS student members are identified as student volunteers for the conference. The committee suggested to arrange accommodation for them in nearby hotels/Metro station dormitories. 
  11. Low cost accommodation facilities for students need to be identified soon. Similarly, different classes of hotels need to be identified and announced in the website as soon as possible. The hospitality committee has been entrusted with this. 

The meeting concluded at 1 PM with vote of thanks by Dr. Jaison Mathew.