i.MAZE – i.FEST’19

IEEE Student Branch DA-IICT in association with IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter organized i.Maze during i.Fest’19, which is the annual technical festival of DAIICT.

It consisted of two phases. The first phase was held on the 12th of October 2019 at 12 noon with unbelievably 307 enthusiastic participants from DAIICT as well as students from other colleges of Gujarat.

This event was organized for the students who have extraordinary skills in solving brain teasers and puzzles and they were made to answer these mind-boggling questions exploiting their thinking caps.

This event consisted of 3 phases namely Connecting the Chains, Demaze the question and the rapid-fire round. The students were made to solve the question paper which consisted of linked riddles. The students who were able to identify the correct chains were taken forward. In phase 2, 32 students were selected. They were made to solve real mazes. The solved way had hints and connecting them gave them a question to answer. A total of 8 puzzlers was selected for the final round. This was a buzzer round wherein the questions were projected and the one who buzzed first was given a chance to answer. The 8 participants really surprised all by their fast thinking and solving skills. The people who outperformed others were sorted and awarded.

This marked the end of a successful event of i.Fest ‘19.