Stream Up ‘19

Stream Up is a training workshop for the newly formed Videography team of IEEE IAS SBC of the University of Moratuwa. The session was organized in collaboration with the Center for IT Services (CITeS), University of Moratuwa and was held on 16th October 2019 at the CITeS Lab. 

The Videography Team was recently formed to address the necessity of making the guest lectures and workshops organized by IEEE IAS SBC of University of Moratuwa available online for the benefit of a wider audience going beyond the sessions’ limited number of attendees due to limited space. Hence, the main objective of Stream Up ‘19 was to produce a trained videography team that can capture and carry out post-production of the recordings of workshops with sufficient quality to publish them online. 

The training session was conducted under the guidance and support of Eng. Sanjaya Sooriyaarachchi and covered the aspects of camera and tripod functions, preparation of tripod, camera settings configurations and lighting. The enthusiastic participants were delighted to obtain hands-on experience in handling the videography equipment.

Reflecting on the success of Stream Up ‘19 the IAS Videography Team successfully carried out the videography of the Computer Networking Workshop, which is the first in a series of workshops by IAS SBC in store for this year. Their service would be highly looked forward to in the future workshops and other events as well.