Where engineering leads you?

IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter had conducted a unique interactive session –
Where engineering leads you on 11th September 2019. The session was held in LT-2(DA-IICT) and attended by around 150 first and second-year students wherein the students from the B.Tech 4th Year who were excellent in their respective fields shared their experiences and explained how one should start off with the respective domains which they spoke about. 

First up we had Ms. Pranjali Maru on the stage. She, having a strong desire to pursue an MBA after her bachelor’s and dedicatedly preparing for the same started off with talking about how to start preparing for MBA entrance exams. Then she went on to explain major fields of the same. She also gave a detailed insight into the admission process in the top B-schools of India. Apart from all the necessary details, she also discussed the right time to start preparing for the same.

Ms. Pranjali talking about MBA preparations.

Next up we had Mr. Arnab Gupta to speak up for MS abroad and its procedure. He explained all the steps including the exams like GRE, IELTS and the documents required for the same. He also recommended some popular books like Norman Lewis for vocabulary improvement in order to perform well in the international level exams. Apart from that he also gave some points to take care about. He also entertained some questions in the end including his experience.      

Mr. Arnab explaining the procedure of application for MS Abroad.

Then was the time to explore the Cyber Security field and we had Mr. Tikam Alma for the same. He explained what Cyber Security is and talked about the recent software viruses like Ransomware and how they spread. He also discussed the scope for the same which was surprising and shared stories of people with huge paycheques. After that, he emphasized the requirements for the field which were majorly Github, Python, and Linux. Stating some intriguing facts on ethical hacking, he ended his speech by entertaining a few questions from the audience.                      

Mr. Tikam talking about Cyber Security.

Next on the stage, we had Mr. Mohamed Shadab for the open-source development field. He started by stating the major domains available. Next, he explained the types of web developers (front-end, back-end, and DevOps) extensively. He also explained what open source is to the attendees and stated the difference between open source and free software. He then went on and talked about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and his experience of the same.    

Mr. Mohamed Shadab talking about web development.

Then we had Mr.Abhi Ratnman to tell the audience about Start-ups. He started off with an interesting quote that “Start-up is nothing but understanding the needs of people“. He then explained the major steps one needs to take in order to make the Start-up successful. Keeping his part short and apt, he ended his speech after answering a few queries.

Mr. Abhi discussing start-ups.

Next up we had coding experts Mr.Utsav Rajpara and Ms.Dhwanee Mehta on the stage. They started off by explaining what is coding followed by competitive coding. They shared their placement and internship experiences and stressed on some underrated yet important things like pen and paper coding, aptitude, etc. After that, they introduced competitive coding platforms like Hackerrank and Codeforces to the students.

Mr. Utsav and Ms. Dhwanee sharing their experiences.

Then we had Mr. Chirag Modi from Photography and Designing field. He gave a brief insight into the trendy tools used for the same and explained how they work. He also stated the scope for the same. He explained the current scenario of the industry and how to start designing from scratch. According to him, creativity and knowledge of aesthetics can take you places.

Mr. Chirag talking about Graphic Designing

Lastly, we had Machine Learning expert Mr. Maitreya Patel on the stage. He started off with what is machine learning and then gave some major path-breaking examples wherein it is used in today’s world like voice assistant Siri, Google Maps, etc. Then he went to explain how to move forward in the field and more importantly what all things are required in order to start excelling in ML. Lastly, he cleared a few doubts about the students and ended his part.

Mr. Maitreya explaining ML

In the end, all the speakers were given IEEE IAS T-shirts as mementoes. After that, there was a brief networking session wherein the speakers solved individual doubts of the students. With that, we concluded the fruitful session.